Grilled Beer Marinated Chicken

Typically when grilling chicken, I simply slap on some olive oil and sprinkle with fresh ground salt and pepper. Good to go. Yes, it’s super easy and convenient, but after eating it multiple times a week, it’s time to shake it up. Marinades are a great way to add flavor to your food. The only problem is remembering to do it in advance, because the longer it marinades, the better it tastes. I used to be really good about meal planning and would make a menu each Sunday outlining our dinners for the following week. Lately, I just buy plenty of meat and veggies and then wing it based on what’s in the fridge. I’m trying to get back on track with the planning, so I decided to attempt a marinade that was appropriate for this month’s Recipe Redux theme: cooking with spirits or alcohol.

Beer Marinated Chicken

Typically, I prefer red wine with dinner, but in the summer there’s nothing like a cold beer. I love to sip on any citrus flavored brew, such as Blue Moon, UFO White, or Curious Traveler. I’ve even been known to knock back a few (or twelve) Bud Light Limes when we’re up north at camp. And what else goes with beer besides pizza? Duh, chicken. (I think goes: and a little bit of chicken fried, cold beer on a Friday night). 

Beer Marinated Chicken

Beer Marinated Chicken
Serves 2
A great way to change up your chicken!
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  1. 2-4 chicken breasts (one for each person)
  2. 1 12oz beer (I used Curious Traveler)
  3. 1/2 tsp salt
  4. 1/2 tsp pepper
  5. 3 garlic cloves, passed through a garlic press
  6. 1/4 cup fresh basil, chopped
  7. 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
  8. 1/2 tsp paprika
  9. pinch of cayenne (or more if you're into that)
  1. Combine all ingredients in a ziplock bag and shake a bit to make sure everything is blended and all the chicken is coated. Place the bag in a bowl and refrigerate overnight.
  2. When ready, preheat grill to medium-high. Grill chicken for 4-5 minutes each side, or until cooked through. Serve with veggies and rice!
The Pomegranate Bandit
Be sure to check out the other submissions for this month’s theme!

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What I Ate Wednesday: New Discoveries

Wednesday means it’s What I Ate Wednesday, where I show you everything I’ve been eating lately. Except I don’t photograph every single thing I eat, so this is only a little glimpse. If that were the case you’d see a zillion photos of jelly beans piled on my desk and other things I’m embarrassed to admit (like the half a jar of chocolate almond butter I ate by the spoonful). So I’m kind of cheating and just throwing this post together based on the food photos on my iPhone. But I’ll make it good, I promise.

Still grilling a lot lately, because it’s fast, easy, and healthy…three adjectives which don’t often fit together in one sentence. The other night I picked some basil leaves from the garden and made pesto. Ohhhh my god it was amazing. Classico pesto ain’t got NOTHIN on me.

pesto chicken and grilled veggies

I found a box of Vega Protein Bars at Marshall’s for 8 buckaroos, so of course I snatched that right up and have pretty much been eating one every day (all about convenience, people). I’m almost out!

vega bars

I made my Healthy Chicken Salad over the weekend so I could re-shoot it. I’m planning on making more tonight for dinner, it’s so refreshing on a humid summer day.

Healthy chicken salad using greek yogurt instead of mayo - you'll never know the difference!

I don’t remember the last time I picked up a coffee on the way to work, and yesterday I was really dragging ass so I decided to treat myself to an almond milk latte from the Java Room. It hit the spot, and I love that they have almond milk! Starbucks, get ON that.


I received a spiralizer as a gift and I am eternally grateful for it. I tried it out for the first time last night and made this zucchini noodle pad thai and I am officially obsessed! I can’t wait to try a zillion more recipes with this baby.


spiralized zucchini pad thai

I’m back on the pancake wagon again. This morning was blueberry flax pancakes topped with chocolate almond butter and some hemp hearts. So. Good. Fact: It’s impossible to have a bad day when you have pancakes for breakfast.

I also had some cold brewed iced coffee, no sugar or milk needed! To do this, I ground a cup of beans in a food processor, and then soaked them in 5 cups of water for 24 hours. Then I filtered it through a coffee filter and BOOM, perfect iced coffee.

blueberry flax protein pancakes

So there you have it! Thanks to Jen over at Peas and Crayons for hosting this week’s What I Ate Wednesday! Check out some of these past WIAW’s:


What have you been eating?

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guayusa-what? Runa tea review

It seems as though I’ve been on a never-ending quest for natural energy ever since the pre-workout heart palpitation incident. I’m pretty sure I’m giving up on the pre-workout thing. All I need is a good night’s sleep and the right food to fuel my morning workouts. Since that doesn’t always work out, it’s good to have something to give me that extra kick in the pants. I try not to drink too much coffee, only because I don’t like it black, but I don’t want to add more sugar to my diet. Tea is my go-to for a caffeine boost. Tea is gentle. It makes me feel spiritual, kind of like Buddha. Yes, a latte is delicious and will jolt you awake, but tea gives you that special zen energy….zenergy (see what I did there?).

I’ve recently discovered Runa tea, brewed from the guayasa leaf and packing as much energy as a cup of coffee but TWICE the antioxidants as a cup of green tea. It’s also organic, and fair trade certified. Maybe that means nothing to you, but it makes me feel a whole lot better about drinking it. I got to try all their bottled teas and the two sparkling clean energy drinks. They also have dried teas available. My favorite bottle was the lemon lemongrass, though they are all delicious. When I try to make my own iced tea it always tastes bitter, but Runa teas are smooth and have no bitter aftertaste! Do you know how rare that is? Four of them are sweetened with organic cane sugar, and they are only 50 calories a bottle (most bottled drinks are actually two servings so they trick you by saying it’s X amount of calories, but that’s usually referring to half the bottle). The other two are unsweetened, and are 0 calories.

Runa tea review

The Berry Sparkling Energy drink was my favorite out of all of them. Typically I don’t like carbonated drinks (except beer, duh), but this was sooo good! The other carbonated drink was just called “original” flavor and was unsweetened, and tasted mostly like seltzer water. It wasn’t bad, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as the Berry flavor! I’d definitely recommend Berry for someone who’s trying to wean themselves off those awful Monster or Rockstar energy drinks. 

If you’re still not convinced, let me tell you that my fiance also tried all the bottled teas and loved them! I had to make sure he didn’t drink them all before I tried them. Be sure to check out their very well-designed website to see what they’re all about!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post, but I did receive product in exchange for a review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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the pom bandit is going through puberty

Guys, my blog is 1.5 years old. That’s like, a teenager in blog years (blog years are like dog years because they rhyme). It’s a time of many changes, lots of new emotions and unwanted body hair. Wait, just kidding. But seriously, my blog is growing and that means I need to keep up with it, except that costs time and money. So I bit the bullet and signed up for Google Adsense and Adwords, and I added this sweet greeting bar courtesy of If you’re a blogger, you need to check out all those things! 

You might have noticed these advertisements mucking up my pretty blog design, but they’re here to stay so I can hopefully make a few bucks to pay my hosting fees. Will you forgive me? Look! Puppy!


Photo credit: DK

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I had cookie dough for breakfast

border collie puppy

This FACE. How can anyone expect me to get anything done when this is looking up at me? I had cookie dough for breakfast because I was enjoying puppy play time with Norah, and I couldn’t pull myself away from her to fry up some eggs/pancakes/bacon/normal breakfast food.

It’s awful. I’ve been really unmotivated to cook lately. All we do is slap olive oil on whatever’s in the fridge and throw it on the grill. Which is fine…but I really want to experiment with marinades and stuff. And I would like to create some new recipes for you guys! I know, I’m all talk. But…puppy!!!!

Help! How do you motivate yourself when you’re in a rut?

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What I ate wednesday: latest food diary

Hey everyone! Thanks so much for your comments on yesterday’s post. It feels good to know you guys are out there. A few updates…if you’d like to keep up with my blog via email, you can now subscribe by submitting your email on the right where it says “Receive blog updates straight to your inbox.” I think you need to create a WordPress account to do this, but that way you can follow more blogs and control how many emails you get! Awesome, huh?

I haven’t shared a food diary post since I talked about gaining weight a few weeks ago. I’ve been eating sooo many whole, healthy foods, but also still indulging when I want! More importantly, not binge eating like I was before. I one hundred percent believe it was mostly stress and too many social activities. We’ve been doing a lot of grilling lately, which means TONS of veggies, chicken, and fish! I naturally eat healthier in the summer time because I just crave lighter foods, and…we grill. Here’s what I ate yesterday!

IMG_54275:30AM // My friend recommended this pre-workout drink and I’m not sure how I feel about it. It doesn’t have caffeine, so no heart palpitations…which is good. But it makes my teeth feel gritty and I’m not sure how much it’s actually helping my performance in the gym. We’ll see.


7:10AM // I worked up an appetite at the gym, so when I got home I immediately whipped up a giant blueberry protein pancake. [used this recipe but added a 1/4 cup of fresh blueberries to the batter] I topped it with pure maple syrup and also had a half a cup of coffee with chocolate milk in it. I think someone wanted a bite…


10:30AM // BALLS! These 3 ingredient coconut bliss balls are so delicious and kept me full until lunch. I had packed them for a treat after lunch, but I was really in the mood for them at this point.


12:30PM // Lunch was a leftover turkey burger patty from last night with grilled veggies. The patty had some cheese melted on it and I topped it with a little ketchup…it gets too dry without some sort of condiment! I also had a lime flavored Runa tea. I received a giant container of samples to review for you guys, so I’ve been trying them out this week. So far, so good!


2:30PM // I had grapes in my lunchbox but also discovered this Quest bar in my desk…the Quest bar won.


5:00PM // Ended up eating aforementioned grapes on the way home from work. I effing love grapes in the summertime.

7:30PM // It was hot as balls when I got home and neither of us felt like turning on the oven or standing in front of a grill, so it took us a while to pull it together and grill some chicken and veggies. We even contemplated getting takeout or even pizza, but I’m glad we didn’t.


Not pictured: glass of wine I had with dinner!

That’s it! Thanks to Jen over at Peas and Crayons for hosting this week’s What I Ate Wednesday! Check out some of these past WIAW’s:


What have you been eating?

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I just wanna know you better now

Bloggers love comments

Um, sorry for that title. I hope you don’t have Tay Swift stuck in your head the rest of the day because of me (sorry). But I’m going somewhere with this, I promise.

According to Google Analytics, 77% of people who read my blog in the last month were new visitors. So basically only a quarter of you might be regular readers, or have just read once or twice before. Since I’m not a full-time blogger, I’m still learning how this all works. And I really know nothing about my readers (you). Google analytics doesn’t tell me much about that, like what your favorite color is, your favorite food, your second grade crush…ahem. Anyways. I want to know who my readers are! Are you a fellow blogger? A friend? Someone I haven’t talked to since second grade (second grade crush, is that you?)

I never commented on blogs until I was a blogger myself. So let me tell all you non-bloggers out there, we LOVE comments! It lets us know that we aren’t just spewing nonsense into cyberspace. It lets us know someone real is out there reading this ish. So comment! Don’t be shy. Tell me something about you. Tell me your favorite color. Tell me anything!

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when a cat lover adopts a puppy

We adopted a puppy! (as you may have noticed on Instagram) Her name is Norah and she’s the cutest, softest puppy there ever was. We got her from the Humane Society, and DK’s parents also got one from the same litter. When DK has a 24 hour shift during the weekday, I can bring her to them so she can spend the day playing with her sister. It’s so friggin’ cute I can’t even stand it. 


I had an orange tabby cat growing up, so this is actually my first dog. I was literally obsessed with my cat when I was a kid. Like, I even made multiple scrap books containing photos of him. I know. Anyways, I really wanted a kitty AND a puppy because how cute would that be? But DK is allergic, so we are kitty-less. He felt so bad we even went to the pet store to test out some kitties, but after 30 seconds in there he was a mess. I know there are some breeds that are hypoallergenic, so maybe someday Norah will have a furry feline friend, but for now…she’s all I need.


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three ingredient coconut bliss balls

Ever since we moved in to our new house, we’ve had a raccoon knocking over our garbage barrels and picking through the trash, leaving it all over the lawn. I’ve tried lids, I’ve tried pouring ammonia on and around the barrels, we tried scaring it, but the little shit will not let up. Last week, DK shot out of bed and ran outside, half naked, waving a broom like a crazy person and chased the raccoon up a tree when we heard it knock over a barrel. This is my life now.

But I kind of understand how the raccoon feels. Sometimes I come home from work feeling ravenous, and I start pawing through the pantry looking for a quick snack before dinner. Or I might want a bite before my workout, but not a whole meal. That’s where these little guys come in, my favorite homemade healthy snack of all time. Just three ingredients and super simple to make!

Three ingredient coconut bliss balls: dates, cashews, and coconut! So delicious. #eatclean

Coconut Bliss Balls
Serves 10
Easy three ingredient snacking bites! Just 53 calories each
Write a review
Total Time
20 min
Total Time
20 min
  1. 14 pitted medjool dates
  2. 1/2 cup coconut
  3. 1/2 cup raw unsalted cashews
  1. Pulse dates in a food processor until they form a ball.
  2. Break up the ball with a spatula and add the cashews and pulse until they are well chopped.
  3. Add the coconut and pulse again until everything is blended into a grainy consistency and can hold its form.
  4. Form into small 1 inch balls and store in an airtight container in the fridge.
  5. For bars, press mixture into a baking dish lined with wax paper and slice into squares.
The Pomegranate Bandit
I’ve made so many variations of these, usually with a lot more ingredients, but I have to say, these ones are now my favorite…the apricot cookie bites are a close second though. I packed some for lunch the other day, and someone actually stole them right out of my lunch bag in the break room. Can you believe that? Guess they couldn’t resist my balls.

three ingredient coconut bliss balls...only 53 calories each

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low-calorie watermelon cocktail

Before the blog was a blip in my brain, I was experimenting with frozen watermelon in drinks. I blended it up with some ingredients I had on hand, and it surprisingly came out great. The other night, Becky and I were in the mood for something light and refreshing to go with our dinner. Fortunately, I had just frozen some watermelon the other day, so I whipped up some of these watermelon cocktails. I wish I came up with a better name than “low-calorie watermelon cocktail,” but that’s all I got. Feel free to come up with a better one to impress your guests :)

Low-calorie watermelon cocktail | The Pomegranate Bandit

Watermelon makes for the perfect mixer because it takes the place of sugary syrups typically used to sweeten the drink and take the bite off the alcohol. This way, you can still enjoy your drink without the extra calories from sugar. I used vodka, but I’m sure it would be good with rum or even tequila! 

Low-calorie Watermelon Cocktail
Serves 2
A refreshing, low-calorie drink perfect for summer sippin'
Write a review
Total Time
5 min
Total Time
5 min
  1. 2 cups frozen watermelon chunks
  2. juice of one lime
  3. splash of club soda
  4. 1.5 oz vodka
  5. 1.5 oz Midori melon liquer
  6. 4 basil leaves (optional)
  1. Blend all ingredients and serve in cocktail glasses. If desired, garnish with basil leaves.
The Pomegranate Bandit

The only downside is that it separates as it sits, so serve with a swizzle stick to stir it up before sipping. Cheers!

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